Broadwater County Commissioner Meeting March 14, 2016

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March 14, 2016

Commissioner Laura Obert called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  Commissioner Franklin Slifka was also present.  

Public comment: Tim Ravndal complained he was not on the agenda for today as he had requested to discuss the safety and security of the citizens. Hugh Van Swearingen said immigration is important for the nation but is not a county issue.  Duane Holom agreed with Tim.  Chairman Obert replied that according to Montana law and County policy, the agenda must be specific to accurately inform the public of the subject; this was not done, and a presentation must be shared with the Commission to determine if a Commission meeting is the right venue; this was not done.

Montana minute:  Commissioner Slifka commented the boys had a good tournament, placing 3rd at State.  Nancy Marks is proud of the boys, and the wrestling team, the talent show with 22 acts, and the Leprechaun Festival, which sold out – we have a good community.  Commissioner Obert saluted leadership in the county – the elected officials and the applicants for the commissioner position.

Commissioner update:  Commissioner Slifka attended the interviews for the commissioner position and fielded numerous phone calls.  Commissioner Obert participated in a conference call concerning CDBG grants; worked on the preliminary architect report (PAR) ; attended the Airport Board meeting, where they are changing the way to operate the gas pump; Board of Crime Control which sponsors “Do the Right Thing”, a program for students to write about abuse and or bulling; grant writing workshop; planning for the Crime Prevention Congress in October; and Fall Fest planning meeting.

Commissioner Slifka move to approve minutes dated 2/29/16.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert, and carried.

Bernadette Swenson, Schauber Surveying, presented the Cysewski family transfer for review.  Commissioner Slifka moved to support the COS exemption.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert and carried.  She presented the Boswell, Lodge Paradise boundary relocation for review. Commissioner Slifka moved to support the COS exemption.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert and carried.

Brian Hohn, Solid Waste, appeared for the monthly update.  The excavator has been repaired.  Per a request via email for the cost of recycling to the county, he explained there is no separate cost.  The money received for recycled products more than offsets the cost that would be incurred for tipping fees, and keeps 400-500 tons out of the landfill each year. Where Solid Waste has hired 2-3 part time seasonal employees in the past, he has hired 1 permanent employee.

Allison Kosto, Extension/Mosquito, was present for an update.  Extension activities include Ranchers’ Round Table, crop school; the no-till drill being used; forming a 4-H indoor committee, to function similar to the livestock committee, and a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program on March15, with 69 kids signed up.   Planning for mosquito season is important, whether to contract for services or make other plans.  She will ask the Mosquito Board members to meet with the Board of Health on March 21.

Wynn Meehan, Sheriff, reported there is a serious issue of inmates flushing items down the toilets and clogging the city sewer system, and requested authority to purchase a grinder to be installed to correct the problem.  The Commission gave approval to purchase and install said grinder.

Mike Koehnke, DES, Wynn Meehan and Brandon Harris, Sheriff; office and Mia Whitfield were present for the DES update.  They proposed to submit a 2016 Homeland Security Grant application of $296,535.00 to purchase a new dispatch console, to integrate with the statewide trunking system and enhance communications interoperability with all public safety agencies. Matching funds of $75,000.00 would be local 911 earmarked funds.  Commissioner Slifka moved to sign a letter of support for the grant.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert and carried.

There is $6,410.93 remaining in the 2015 Homeland Security Grant fund account.  Commissioner Slifka moved to grant authority to purchase two-way radios and equipment to complement radios previously purchased with the grant funds.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert and carried.

Commissioner Slifka moved to grant Mike authority to purchase programming software and cloning cable to update the recently purchased radios using CIP Communications funds of $536.25.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert and carried.

Communication received:   invitation to NorthWestern Energy’s 2016 Hebgen and Madison Dams Tabletop and functional Action Plan (EAP) Exercises; Department of Revenue notice of protested tax settlement with Yellowstone Pipeline for tax year 2015; Public Service Commission (PSC) notices of applications for certificates of compliance and for transfer of operating authority; Governor’s proclamation to lower the flag to half-staff in honor of William Hunt  Sr., former Justice of the Montana Supreme Court and Nancy Reagan, former First Lady; Rural Montana magazine and Montana Economic Report 2016.   Communication items are filed in the commissioners’ office as deemed necessary and are available for review.

Time sheet for department heads were reviewed by both commissioners and signed by Commissioner Obert.

Commissioner Slifka moved to approve payroll for payday 2/29/16 in the amount of $170,904.49; to approve claims dated 3/01/16 for $51,808.79; to approve claims dated 3/13/16 for $16,338.36; and to approve claims dated 3/10/16 for $44,014.82..  Motions seconded by Commissioner Obert and carried.

Also in attendance were Jeff Langlinais, Bill Amsk, Bill Upthegrove, Hugh Van Swearingen, Joan Hill, and Nancy Marks.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:32 a.m.    The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.