Commissioner Meeting April 21, 2016

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April 21, 2016

Commissioner Laura Obert called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  Commissioners Franklin Slifka and Nick Korthals were also present.

Mike Myers, Maintenance, re-visited the in-line grinder need, the engineering packet is completed, the project will be under the $75,000 limit for advertising for bids.  This is a City/County project but County responsibility. There is no city permit required. Commissioners Slifka and Korthals will call local businesses re: submitting a proposal for the project, and a decision will be made on May 9, with installation scheduled for May 16.

A lively discussion ensued on the building project. The tentative plan is for Search and Rescue and Ambulance to use the new storage unit, with Weed and Mosquito to use the current S&R building for storage.   Extension, Weed, shower facilities and meeting rooms will be in the modular building.

The discussion involved current needs, future growth needs, history and the financial plan.  It may have been simpler for each department to do their own thing, but it would have been much more expensive in the long run. There will be no new or additional special taxes to fund this project.  The building will be financed by an Intercap loan at 1.25% over 10 years.  Departmental payback plans are already budgeted.

Commissioner Slifka read a letter opposing the building complex, requesting both weed and mosquito control be contracted and Extension be at the fairgrounds. He declined to divulge who signed the letter and refused to share the letter with the other commissioners or submit it as part of the public record.

Commissioner Slifka moved to reconsider the building project in its entirety, except for the Search and Rescue restroom and new storage building constructed at the Silos.  Commissioner Obert, per Robert’s Rules of Order, stated since he had voted against the original motion, can’t bring up the same motion again for reconsideration.

Comments in support were received from Mary Mystic, Tammy Rauser, John Hedstrom, Brandon Harris, Jenny Clowes and Scott Dunning.  Questions were received from Larry Wright and Bill Amsk.  Comments were received from Cory Swanson and Dana Rauser.

Commissioner Korthals moved to proceed with the bid process and follow that procedure to get real financial numbers.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Also in attendance were Doug Ellis, Nichole Brown, Cheryl Campbell, Eric Crusch, Barbara DeMartin, Tom Christensen and Kyle Hopstad

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m.    The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 25, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.