Commissioner Meeting April 25, 2016

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April 25, 2016

Commissioner Laura Obert called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  Commissioners Franklin Slifka and Nick Korthals were also present.

Public comment:  Carole Plymale asked about repairs to the damaged fence on Ross Gulch Road, and added thanks for fixing the fence at Dennison’s.  Commissioners Obert and Korthals replied after review the county was not responsible for the damage.

Montana minute: Commissioner Korthals is impressed with the Volunteer Fire Department and DES. Commissioner Obert saluted the Rotary District Conference in Butte which 6 adults and 4 youth from Broadwater County attended. She is impressed with youth leadership and reported that in the fight against polio only 11 cases were reported in the world last year.

Commissioner update:  Commissioner Slifka attended the Conservation District and building meetings.  Commissioner Korthals attended the Fire Board and building meetings.  Commissioner Obert attended the Trust Board and building meetings; HR Regional Training in Butte with Michelle Beebe and Joni Brooks; Board of Health meeting.

A letter and proposed contract was received from gec, Inc. for Phase I assessments for 3 BOR parcels as requested by the Trust Board to facilitate the transfer of said parcels from BOR to Broadwater County.  Mike Delger and Bill Amsk offered comments.  The County Attorney will review the contract before action is taken.

Debbie Kelley, Accounting Manager, appeared to discuss the increase in health insurance premiums, $30/ employee/month and how it should be paid.  The County paid the March increase to avoid late payment as the insurance company did not give any advance notice of the increase.  Commissioner Slifka move the have the employees cover the March, April and May increases.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Korthals, who then amended the motion to have employees pay the April, May and June increases and the County pay the March increase.  The amendment was accepted by Commissioner Slifka. The amended motion carried.

Commissioner Korthals moved to approve and sign the Secondary Roads Capital Construction Program Priority Change from MDT involving projects in Park County.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Nichole Brown, Community Development Director,, appeared to request consideration of several projects. #1. County Day of Recognition; hold tentatively May 19 in Memorial Park, have a speaker and refreshments, involve student as well as adult volunteers.  #2. Consider a County Coffee Hour each Wednesday at 7:00 rotating among businesses and officials in charge.  #3. Recreation opportunities: hold an evening meeting to compile a “wish list” for projects, collaborate with schools and organizations.  #4.  Hiking trails:  There are no wilderness walks in Broadwater County.  She has mapped the parks and is willing to map trails, working with other employees who know the trails and can help rate them.   There have been many requests for hiking and ATV trail maps.

Communications received: HR updates from the Butte meeting; FWP request for comments on 2016 mountain goat and mountain lion quotas.  Communication items are filed in the commissioners’ office as deemed necessary and are available for review.

Commissioner Korthals moved to approve claims dated 4/18/16 for $56,361.97.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.  Per Commissioner Korthal’s request, the claim amounts were read aloud.

Commissioners reviewed the department head timesheets.  Commissioner Korthals moved to sign said timesheets.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert.  Voting in favor –  Obert and Korthals.  Not voting – Slifka.  Motion carried.

Joan Hill asked if the county was still caring for horses.  Brandon Harris, Undersheriff, replied the county is responsible until after the trial of the owner.

Michele Puiggari, HR Consultant, appeared via phone to discuss the proposed personnel policies. After discussion, Commissioner Korthals moved to adopt the Broadwater County Policies and Procedures, effective May 13, 2016.   Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Commissioners reviewed the hiring checklist procedure.

John Rauser, Rural Fire Board, appeared to request Tom Shindoll be elected to said board by acclamation as he is the only candidate.  Commissioner Korthals moved to approve the election by acclamation.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Agency representatives were present for the quarterly update.  Ryan Madsen, Bureau of Recreation (BOR) reported a concessionaire has been selected for Goose Bay which is scheduled to open May 15. The reservoir is filling and expected to fill this year. There has been a comprehensive review of the dam which is done every 8 years. Hosts will begin in May, and collections will resume then.  He will check if the county can grade the loops as well as the main Silos.

Adam Grove, Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), gave an update on the final regulations for the 2016 season. There have been some major district boundary changes. Ron Spoon, Region #3 fish biologist, sent word he had nothing new to report.

Shawn Heinert, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), reported on the Broadwater travel plan. They are working on the draft EA for Copper City mountain bike route, as well as the Iron Mask Mine reclamation project, the range forage reserve on Indian Creek and the trail head project at White’s Gulch. BLM has budgeted $7,000 for weed control this year, and a spray day is scheduled for June 21 in the Limestones.

Corey Llewellen, Forest Service (FS), said they are hiring a full time geologist and half-time visitor receptionist position, and seasonal hires are starting work. A decision on the Johnny Crow vegetation project is scheduled for late May.  Cabin Gulch timber sale harvest should be completed this season, with road closures at time for safety.  Gates are closed from December 2 until May 15, with very few exceptions.  The wilderness inventory analysis determines area suitable for wilderness designation, but does not necessarily mean it will become wilderness.

David Nunn, FS Fire Management Officer, stated they have 2 staffed engine modules, with 10-12 hires; 7-day coverages starts July 1.  Helicopter service is available July-October.  Personnel will do other work when not fighting fires. FS participates in mutual aid with Broadwater County.  The National Guard provides its own fire protection and negotiates with the county.

Ed Shindoll, Rural Fire Chief, said they are working on the Limestone training site.  Trucks are ready for the season, which has a great potential for fire.  He has been to Virginia to retrieve a truck donated by Department of Defense (DOD); and to Colorado Springs for another truck where he also hauled back  a Bobcat skid steer.  They have 9 new members, with 50-60 total for the county.

Mike Koehnke, DES, announced the leadership coordination meeting on Hebgen Dam failure for May 4 and the Hebgen/Madison Dam exercise on May 17-18.  He distributed a Wildfire Evacuation Guidance and stated May is Wildfire Awareness Month.

Also in attendance were Walter Rauser, Chris Wright, Larry Wright and Bill Amsk.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:09 p.m.    The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, May2, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.