Commissioner Meeting June 6, 2016

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Commissioner Laura Obert called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  Commissioners Franklin Slifka and Nick Korthals were also present.

Public comment:  Shirley Wilson encouraged everyone to vote and to consider taking election judge training; questioned why budgets are just now being addressed; asked if the county may contract weed and mosquito control, why is a storage building needed; why not consider utilizing the building in a heap by the road shop, why the grader on Clopton Lane has not moved for 5 Mondays and commented her taxes increased 19% last year.  Commissioner Obert said budgets are an ongoing project and consistently on the agenda; contracting all services is very expensive, a difference of $100’s/hour; ownership of the dismantled building is in question; only votes of citizens, Department of Revenue or legislative action can raise taxes.  Brian Hohn, Solid Waste, said his board had researched using that building and it was cost-prohibitive, over $300,000.  Dana Rauser, Road, said the grader had maintenance issues, and will be moved when fixed.

Montana minute; Commissioner Slifka said everything is going pretty good.  Commissioner Korthals related Montana became a territory in 1866.  Commissioner Obert saluted teachers who are ready for summer.  Ann Rauser commented today is the 72nd anniversary of D-Day, also known as “Operation Overload”.

Commissioner update:  Commissioner Slifka fielded phone calls, will divulge information at the appropriate time.  Commissioner Korthals pursued information on the building project and participated in a baseball tournament.  Commissioner Obert attended the Safety Committee meeting, where the MACo representative suggested holding a meeting with pizza to get the involvement of commissioners and department heads to review accident claims.  Commissioner Slifka stated Safety awareness training isn’t needed. Commissioner Korthals moved to approve the meeting with pizza.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert.  Voting in favor – Korthals and Obert; voting no- Slifka.  Motion carried.

Dana Rauser, Road and Bridge, appeared for the monthly update.  He reiterated the old Forest Service building would be cost prohibitive to bring to code.  HWY 437 has been graveled, and other roads have been graded or will be as time and weather permits.  The contract for the LTAP director was not renewed, so all training is on hold.  His crew wants    a decision on whether the county will grant longevity.  Commissioner Slifka stated MACo said to be careful about granting it, and it should be all employees or none.  Interviews for the road position start tomorrow.  He has received a bid for a new CAT 160 all-wheel drive grader in the amount of $264,000.00 from NJPA, a national bidding firm, and plans to trade the 1996 grader.  He is to contact legal counsel at MACo prior to a final decision.  He plans to rebuild portions of Lower Deep Creek and Six Mile Roads and Flynn Lane.

Wynn Meehan and Brandon Harris, Sheriff’s Office, were present to ask about the  $2000,000.00 transfer from Detention budget  to Public Safety budget, to question authorization of funding for the detective position, approximately $66,000.00 and to discuss progress with implementing changes in the budget.  The crime rate here exceeds that of Jefferson or Madison County.  They are negotiating with BOR for funding for a full-time officer to patrol the Canyon Ferry Lake area.  The discussion was postponed to Wednesday, June 8 at 8:00 a.m.

A spirited discussion about the building project, bidding processes, liability, building design and type of construction, ensued among commissioners, Jeremy Fadness, WWC Engineering, Wynn Meehan, Sheriff, Cory Swanson, County Attorney, Mike Myer, Maintenance, Paul Bray and Shirley Wilson.  Commissioner Korthals moved doing nothing is not an option.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert.  Voting in favor – Korthals and Obert; voting no- Slifka.  Motion carried.

Discussion continued with comments in favor from Mary Mistek, EMS, Scott Dunning, Weed, Doug Ellis, Treasurer, Brian Hohn, Solid Waste, and Larry Wright.  Commissioner Korthals moved to kill the project.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka.  After even more discussion Commissioner Korthals recanted his motion.  He then moved to postpone a decision until June 8 at 1:00 p.m.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert, and carried.

Communications received:  Broadwater Community & School Library budget;  NeighborWorks Montana magazine, invoices from Montana Stockgrowers and Montana Woolgrowers Predator Control Funds; notice from DNRC that documents are now online; DOT state fuel allocation of $60,910.00; Rural Montana magazine.  Communication items are filed in the commissioners’ office as deemed necessary and are available for review.

Commissioner Korthals moved to approve claims dated 6/2/16 for $42,543.85.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Commissioner Obert moved to advertise the position of DES coordinator. Motion seconded by Commissioner Korthals and carried. This will be done after receiving Mike Koehnke’s official retirement letter.

Also in attendance were Joan Hill, Mike Delger, Janea Korthals, Linda Huth, Jeff Langlinais, Dana Rauser, Tammy Rauser and Kirk Flynn.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:44 p.m.    The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday June 13 2016 at 10:00 a.m.