Commissioner Meeting May 16, 2016

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May 16, 2016

Commissioner Laura Obert called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.  Commissioners Franklin Slifka and Nick Korthals were also present.

Julie Zipperian, Centennial Insurance, and Shannon Sholtzholter, MACO (Montana Association of Counties ), were present to discuss property and casualty insurance premiums, which will increase 3.16% for Broadwater County this year; and workers’ comp insurance, which will decrease this year for the county. In response to a question from Cheryl Campbell, Shannon stated all employees and elected officials are bonded under the blanket policy.

Debbie Kelley appeared to review the budget process, citing the  power point presentation complied by Harold Blattie, Director of MACO, which has been sent to all department heads and county candidates.  Lary Richtmyer asked about CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) funds – they are accounted for separately, and any interest earned is allocated to the respective funds.

Commissioner Korthals moved to approve minutes dated 5/9/16.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Communications received: graph showing Broadwater’s taxable value has not kept up with inflation; Broadwater has one of the lowest tax burdens in the state and a 56.63% increase in residents over 60 years old; handout for Mental Health Month; DPHHS rabies notice; MDT Butte District construction priority list; Local government Services Bureau information; Department of Agriculture list of partnerships between national forests & local governments; American City & County magazine; FS Chief’s letter of intent re: 2016 wildland fire season; DNRC scoping notice pertaining to investment opportunity  on Forest in Focus Initiative; request from Board of Investments to complete and return the STIP resolution ASAP.  Communication items are filed in the commissioners’ office as deemed necessary and are available for review.

The Commission agreed to keep the 55 mph school zone speed limit at Winston, as the other option MDT would approve was to adjust back to 70 mph.

Commissioner Slifka moved to allow the claim to Yellowstone Environmental Solutions which exceeded the $5,000 authorized to the Sanitarian for said services. Motion seconded by Commissioner Korthals and carried.

Commissioner Korthals moved to approve claims dated 5/11/16 for $5,932.56.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.   Commissioner Obert read the claim amounts.

Public comment:  Valerie Hornsveld, Clerk of Court, said she is advertising for a part time position in her office; the windshield on the county vehicle is cracked, and thanked the Commission for their support and good relationship.  Duane Holom and Bill Amsk questioned why Bill was not on the agenda.   It was revealed when Bill produced his letter from  the Commission that he had misunderstood that he had agreed to a delay to next week.

Montana minute: Commissioner Slifka commented on the rain.  Commissioner Korthals was impressed with the School Board and their work.  Commissioner Obert commended the 100th anniversary of Yellowstone Park and the National Park Service.

Commissioner update:  Commissioner Slifka attended the Conservation District meeting and checked on a subdivision and roads.  Commissioner Korthals attended gravel road training.  Commissioner Obert attended the MACo District meeting, the anti-drug meeting with the Board of Crime Control where federal funds were cut for drug task forces, and the Social Services meeting where federal funds were cut for YWCA and United Way.

Commissioner Korthals moved to sign the County Day of Recognition for Community Service proclamation.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Joni Brooks, County Health, was present for an update.  She asked that hiring an RN rather than a LPN be considered as no LPNs seem to be available, and said the office needs three employees to do get all the work accomplished.

In response to Commissioner Slifka’s request for partial payment of his cell phone bill for the past two years, Commissioner Korthals has contacted the County Attorney and accounting office and received a letter with requirements from the IRS.  The County Attorney suggested he would review Commissioner Slifka’s itemized bill, redact personal calls before bill is submitted.  Commissioner Korthals moved to pay the current bill, and future bills that meet the criteria.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka.  Voting in favor- Slifka and Korthals; voting no- Obert, who was against allowing the current bill.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Slifka moved to be reimbursed for the past two years.  Motion died for lack of a second.  Commissioner Korthals asked to table the matter until next week.  Commissioner Slifka said “If I have to pay $5,000 to collect $480, I will do it.”

Commissioner Korthals moved to allow the Fair Board to hire temporary employees for yard maintenance. Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Nichole Brown, Community Development Director, presented the Dry Gulch Acres 2 Minor Subdivision for preliminary plat approval; decision was postponed from 5/9/16.  Commissioner Korthals moved to grant preliminary approval. Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.  A copy of the findings of fact and order are on file in the planning office.

Commissioners agreed to pay expenses for Community Day of Recognition from the contingency fund.

Jeff Key and Kate McMahon, Robert Peccia & Associates, presented information on the JLUS (Joint Land Use Study) implementation phase. Debra LaFountaine and Laura Erickson added information. The study is on the RP&A website.

Also in attendance were Joan Hill, Melinda Holom, Mike Evans, Mike Delger, Dana Rauser, Jeff Langlinais, Wynn Meehan, Seth Wenzel, Brandon Harris, Jessica Crusch, Julie Lethert, Doug Ellis, Larry Wright, Cory Swanson, Jenny Schauber, Bernadette and Jesse Swenson.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:03 p.m. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 23, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.