Commissioner Meeting May 31, 2016

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Commissioner Laura Obert called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  Commissioners Franklin Slifka and Nick Korthals were also present.

Nichole Brown, Community Development Director, appeared to request final plat approval for Galzagorry Tract 3 minor Subdivision and Galzagorry Tract 4 Minor Subdivision.  She stated all required items have been completed, including the affidavits for water rights.  After discussion Commissioner Korthals moved to grant final approval for Galzagorry Tract 3 Minor Subdivision.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert.   Voting in favor- Obert and Korthals; voting against- Slifka.  Motion carried.  Following more discussion, Commissioner Korthals moved to grant final approval for Galzagorry Tract 4 Minor Subdivision.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Obert.   Voting in favor- Obert and Korthals; voting against- Slifka.  Motion carried.  Commissioner Slifka declined to sign the Certificates of Survey (COS).

Letters from Helene Galzagorry, Katherine VanderLinden and Chuck Hahn protesting the subdivisions were read.  Nichole Brown answered all points as they were presented. More comments were made by Mr. Hahn, County Attorney Cory Swanson and Planning Board member Jenny Schauber.

Public Comment:  Cary Hegreberg, Executive Director of Montana Contractors Association, addressed his opinion regarding the building project bid process, stated the commission is within its legal purview to not open bids and asked the bids not be opened, put out specs and plans and award to one contractor.

Montana minute:  Commissioner Slifka stated things went good for the weekend.  Commissioner Korthals thanked all who served in the military, including his grandfather.  Commissioner Obert echoed his thanks, and commended Barbara Kirscher for the tremendous difference she made in our community and for her grace and wisdom.  Cory Swanson commended the participants in the State Track Meet.

Commissioner update: Commissioner Slifka toured the JLUS area in a Blackhawk helicopter. Commissioner Korthals attended the LEPC meeting where they discussed the fire season and the wild fire evacuation process.  Commissioner Obert also participated in the JLUS tour, which addressed complaints from Lewis & Clark County about low flights; and attended the Commission working meeting on Wednesday discussing the weed and mosquito control programs.

Commissioner Korthals moved to approve minutes dated 5/23/16.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Mike Myers, Maintenance and Jeremy Fadness, WWC, were present for opening of bids for the building project for Search and Rescue, EMT Ambulance, 4-H Extension, Weed and Mosquito.  Discussion included merits of county acting as owner’s representative and overseeing the complete bid project, increased cost for delays and potential for not being done this season, and having a work session to address complaints and exploring ideas.  A decision was postponed to June 6.

Mike Koehnke, DES, appeared for the monthly update. He has applied for renewal of the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) for FY17 and  is waiting for FEMA approval of the draft plan for the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant (PDM).  Training is in progress per the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant Program (HMEP).  The FEMA Deep Creek Flood Mitigation Grant phase 2 is pending FEMA approval, as is the FEMA Mitigation grant application for Flynn Lane/Dry Creek.  Tentative funding for the Homeland Security Grant Application for the Dispatch Center is half the amount requested.    Mike presented a draft job description for the DES Coordinator position, as he plans to retire soon.

Commissioner Korthals moved to partner with DNRC to install a repeater at Toston Dam, utilizing the repeaters from the Limestone Hill upgrade, so phone service will be available in the area.   Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.   DNRC will contribute $1,718.00, with $1,718.00 from the county CIP communication fund.

A public hearing was held to adopt a resolution authorizing participation in the Board of Investments Short-Term Investment Pool (STIP).  No comments were received.  The public hearing was closed.

Commissioner Korthals moved to adopt the resolution authorizing participation in the Board of Investments Short-Term Investment Pool (STIP).  Motion seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

Seth Wenzel, Detention Center Administrator, proposed hiring a part time officer, as it would be more economical than the overtime now expended, and also relieve current officers, who are working many long shifts.  Commissioner Slifka moved to hire a part time detention control officer employee.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Korthals and carried.

Communications received:  request from North American Procurement Council for the bid tabulation for the building project; Weed Times magazine; thank you for the Trust Board-approved funds for an ADA-approved boat lift at Silos; Tidmore Flag & Banner catalog; DPHHS water test results at Silos (good); Dept. of Administration list of services to local governments; letter re: Forest Service fires suppression roles and responsibilities within the Limestone Hill Training Area (LHTA);  BOR notice of informal review and inspection of Silos Recreation Area on June 6; request from City of Townsend for cost share funds of $14,17.49 as agreed for the completion of  CTEP Project STPE 4 (20)-CN-8221  Broadway sidewalk improvements. Communication items are filed in the commissioners’ office as deemed necessary and are available for review.

Commission agreed all three Commissioners, County Attorney, Treasurer, and accounting department should attend the Department of Administration budget class in Helena together.

Cory Swanson, County Attorney, said he has a summer legal intern; a date should be set to hear from John Wright regarding his restriction from the courthouse; he is researching issues enforcing the speed zone at Winston; County Compensation Board meeting should be scheduled; Rindell trial is scheduled for June 13; interlocal agreement with the City needs reviewed.

Commissioner Korthals moved to  pay WWD Engineering $1738.56 for the Flynn Lane/Dry Creek orchid study from the commission contingency fund; to sign the NACo proxy form; to sign a letter to DES confirming acceptance of a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) for Phase 1 of the Deep Creek Project; to approve payroll for pay date 5/31/16 in the amount of $164,938.24; and to approve claims dated 5/27/16 for $59,161,55. Motions seconded by Commissioner Slifka and carried.

The commission agreed to honor tips for meals ordered by departments up to 15%.

Also in attendance were Hugh Van Swearingen, Marcia Bieber, Jenny Schauber, Chuck Hahn, Jesse Swenson, Doug Breker, Mike Delger, Mary Mistik, Eric Crusch, Doug Ellis, Wynn Meehan, Dana Rauser and Larry Wright.

The Commission entered into executive session at the request of the County Attorney to discuss legal strategy.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.    The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday June 6, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.