The Lewis and Clark Journal began as a weekly newspaper in 2004 and evolved into a monthly human interest and events piece a little more than a year later.

Published for many years by Main Street Office, the Lewis and Clark Journal was taken over in March 2022 and is now published by the Three Forks Voice weekly newspaper.

The LCJ continues to pair dynamic imagery with well-written stories of interest to local readers as well as information on area events for the month. It also provides a cost effective means for advertisers to spread their message to those in and around the Three Forks community.

Supported solely by advertising, the new Lewis & Clark Journal features a clean layout and strong content that has been a staple of the community for nearly two decades.

We encourage our readers to engage, reflect, and enjoy! As an advertiser, you can be assured that our beautiful look and creative direction will reflect well on your brand.

CIRCULATION (updated 9/30/2023):

Distributed by mail to each box holder and rural route recipient in

Three Forks, Willow Creek, Harrison, Pony and Cardwell. That’s over 3000 mailed with additional copies distributed free at locations around the area. Total print run is 3400.

Additionally, the Lewis and Clark Journal can be viewed in its entirety (including advertising) online at each month. E-subscribers receive e-mail reminders with links to the current issue in their in-box. Fans of the Lewis and Clark Journal on Facebook also see notifications in their newsfeed when a new edition is published.


Insertion deadline (space reservation) for ads is the 20th of the preceding month. Deadlines may be pushed back one business day due to holidays.



6-month or longer commitment, limited availability
Premium Calendar Ad Space (3.25” x 3”) $60

b. RUN OF PAPER (placement within the paper where best fits). We also offer combo rates with our other publication the weekly Three Forks Voice.

c. We run on a six-column (11 inch Page Width, 9.38 picas per column or 1.563 inches per column, 22 inches deep) format. Column spacing is .75 picas or .125 inches.

Modular ad sizes:

Business Card (3.25” x 2”) $40, $70 combo
Regular 3” (3.25” x 3”) $50, $87.75 combo
Small Banner (4.875” x 2”) $55, $96.25 combo
Regular 4” (3.25” x 4”) $65, $113.75 combo
Regular Vertical (3.25” x 5”) $85, $148.75 combo
Wide 4” (4.875” x 4”) $95, $166.25 combo
Large Banner 10” x 2” $95, $166.25 combo
Wide 5” (4.875” x 5.5”) $140, $245 combo
1/4 Page (10” x 5.5”)$170, $297.50 combo
1/3 Page (10” x 7”) $275, $481.25 combo
Half Page 10” x 10.5” $355, $621.25 combo
Full Page 10” x 21” $675, $1181.25 combo
Front Page Banner 10” x 3” $350, $612.5 combo (Front page banners must be sent by the 15th of the preceding month)

*Black and White ads are 15% off.*

 Download a copy of our rate sheet HERE. All other advertising will be charged at a $8.50 per column inch rate.

Classified: $8 for up to 25 words, 10¢ per word after. Classified Display: $8.50 / column inch (6 column spread). Legals: $15 per 100 words rounded to the nearest 100th.

ADVERTISING FREQUENCY DISCOUNT: Three months 15% off. Six months 20% off. Twelve months 25% off. Must be billed at one time.


Non-Profit Rate is 15% off.


Are FREE! One run only, subject to editing for length.


$200 up to one ounce per piece in weight.
$320 up to three ounces per piece in weight.
Inserts must be no larger than 8.5” by 11” unless folded. Please contact the Journal for deadline on inserts.

To contact the Three Forks Voice or 406-223-4653.

Any ad canceled after half or more has been produced will be charged at $60 per hour for production costs.

Any ad canceled after half or more has been produced will be charged at $60 per hour for production costs. Placement of ads in the newspaper is at the option of the publisher. We reserve the right to revise rates 30 days after publishing notice.